The things they put up with! As I am sure all us proud parents do it, I am not afraid to admit that the boyos and us have our own special lingo that we propagate. For example when Blessu wants attention we call him a “sook” because we deem him to be sulky.  Shihs (sh- [...]



Blessu obsessed about the dancing robotic cat (we named him Humphrey) As you may have noticed by now Blessu is a very cerebral boy and enjoys stimuli such as puzzles and challenges. One of his main pastimes, like many folks, is to watch television. In fact when we moved to our last apartment Lucy had [...]


Dreams and Reality

Dreams and wishes are just that, dreams and wishes…  to put them into practice and realize the dream is often much more difficult than merely “wishing” for something. The AdventurePups and us are thinking (so very much still in the wishing/dreaming stage) about possibly making a big trip to China.  I think the Boyos would [...]


Hailing a cab with your pup

Doggie Bags Has anyone ever had problems trying to hail a cab while you have your pet in tow? Even if they are enclosed in a bag or something? When we landed in Amsterdam, no one at the cab line at the airport would take us- even though both Boyos were safely tucked away in [...]


Hosts make all the difference at a Bed and Breakfast

Blessu hogging the remote controls. The AdventurePups have stayed at numerous bed and breakfasts around the world.  When it comes of small inns and bed and breakfast type accommodations, your hosts really make the world of difference to the enjoyment of a trip- as much, if not more so than a comfy bed to sleep [...]


The tastes of Italy!

When you are traveling to exotic, fun and beautiful places, it’s not hard to find things that delight the senses.  One of our all time favorite delights would have to be an amazing restaurant called Zaza right in the heart of Tuscany, in Italy (and I would say the Boyos would definitely agree with that)! [...]


They’re No Polar Bears!

A walk in the Park As many of you may have noticed this is one of the coldest and snowiest winters on record in the last fifty years and it has only been technically winter for a month. This apparently has to do with the “Arctic Fence” being breached by our carbon dioxide output which [...]



Boyos all decked out in Christmas gear Lucy and I love Christmas.  Therefore, we like to stretch out our enjoyment of Christmas for as long as possible. So, instead of rushing out first thing Christmas morning to open Santa’s gifts, we went out for a nice brunch. I know what your thinking… well yes, we [...]

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