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Lucy is an international business consultant and has a very contrasting background. She was born in northern China then raised and educated in Sydney, Australia where she lived with her grandmother before entering boarding school. Lucy later moved to Florence, Italy where she met Mark and together dreamed of moving to New York and having a “Shih Tzu named Blessu.”

Lucy has traveled extensively throughout Asia including Japan, Thailand, Singapore, and Fiji and has stayed in many of the most luxurious hotels in the region.



Mark works in the non-profit sector and comes from a very diverse background. He was born and raised in Long Island, NY. Mark left his hometown at 17 to continue his studies in Europe. He lived in Paris, France and later in Florence, Italy where he met Lucy. Mark has traveled extensively in Europe, North America, and around the Mediterranean coast to such destinations as Jerusalem, Egypt, Greece, and Turkey. His travels have been predominantly roughing it the backpacker’s way.

Together Lucy and Mark reside in Manhattan, NYC and can often be seen walking their boyos in Central Park. In their spare time they also enjoy horseback riding, poker nights, tennis, sailing, and charity runs.

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