Catskills, New York

As much as Lucy and I love the Big Apple we sometimes need to break away from the hustle and bustle of the rat race and rescue the Boyos from too much routine. This weekend getaway was to the Catskill Mountains, just a half a tank away from Manhattan.

Fishing for Shihs, they don't seem impressed.

We found a bed and breakfast that we loved mainly because the proprietors were extremely dog friendly, having several rescues themselves, as well as being very gracious hosts. We enjoyed a somewhat early morning hike followed by lunch at the local coffeeshop. We then had a leisurely yet unsuccessful attempt at fly-fishing for which the area is famous. The Boyos, cheerily waiting on shore, seemed disappointed we did not catch anything; either that or they just did not understand why anyone would stand in the middle of a stream waving a stick about for hours. We returned back to our cottage and freshened up for cocktail hour with our hosts who were very droll former English aristocracy.

Great Catch!

Ending a successful hike.

We had a very large dinner at a nearby Greek restaurant on their recommendation and, after filling our tanks to the brim, we returned to the Boyos with yummy souvlaki for them to fill up on. The following day we went antiquing through the countryside. We expected to find some real nice things but, aside from an old print of Notre Dame in Paris, it was slim pickings. We ended the trip with a massage in our cottage, which really relaxed us for the toughest part of the trip, returning to work on Monday.

Bear cub?

Worst part: seeing the discomfort from a rash on another guest’s Ridgeback and Great Dane after hiking on a different trail. Best part: the hosts comping Shuie’s stay because they were impressed by how prim and proper yet playful both boys were.

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