Copper Mt, Colorado

Colorado has some of the best skiing in the world and we did not want to miss out. We decided to visit the more laid-back Copper Mountain in April, towards the end of the busy ski season. Denver is a short three to four hour plane ride from New York, which is child’s play for these AdventurePups, but for good measure we booked the extra space seating. Blessu, the pro, took to napping before we even left the gate. Shuie however, was a bit more interested in what was going on and so we had him stand on Lucy’s lap and look out the window and kicked ourselves for not filming his expression and body language as he slowly watched the ground drop away. His tail went from wagging to still, his eyes widened, and he pushed away from the window with his paws. His head tilted to one side, then the other for about ten seconds then his tail set off to wagging again and he looked back at me like he had just gotten off a rollercoaster and had the best time of his life.

After the lifts close, it's play time!

We drove the two hours from Denver to Copper Mt. with a rental car as no shuttles allow dogs. We ducked into Vail for lunch while we waited out the worst part of a blizzard. I am sure it would have been a nice town if we could have seen passed ten feet in front of us. We arrived at our room, complete with full kitchen, in time for dinner, which consisted of Chinese takeout. The kitchen was mainly used for making toast and cooking the boyos special homemade food. We heard there might be a touch of altitude sickness when we arrived but had no idea that that night we would be as sick as dogs, excuse the pun. We made sure the boyos had plenty of water during and after the flight, just as out vet instructed, but we forgot to keep ourselves hydrated. So as we lay up in bed adjusting to the new altitude the boyos were happily sitting up with us watching Animal Planet.

Shuey practicing rescue drills with Mark. (Mouth to mouth)

The Boyos and the giant chair ("Come join us, there's plenty of room!")

The following morning after a light breakfast we took to the slopes. We had a blast skiing in the Spring sun. The downside to too much sun, aside from having to wear lots of sunscreen, is soft snow. During my first warm up run I was looking back at Lucy and showing off a little, when I strayed from the set path and hit such a patch. I thought I would be able to stave off disaster if I could just avoid turning but in the middle of that thought I did a face-plant right into the snow. Lucy, after making sure I was all right, laughed so hard she fell over. Later that day when Lucy decided to go and fetch the boyos I took the opportunity to do one more really fast run by myself. Everything went fine until I took a wrong turn and strayed from the beginner’s path and ended up on a mogul run. I held on for about 5.3 seconds then fell sliding sideways, slamming my shoulder hard against the ice-block of a mogul and also breaking a ski in half. I managed the rest of the way on one ski and fortunately they replaced the rental for free because they were an older pair. The next day it snowed all morning and we had a playground of powder in which to ski, no hard ice at all. The boyos love the snow, especially Shuie. Everyday after the lifts closed it was their time to play!

"It's far too early to be up!"

We would run up the slopes on foot then race back down, we would run rescue drills just like St. Bernards would. When they got bored of that we went exploring through the ski village and let them run through and mark all the dug out snow tunnels. Many of the visitors heading out for dinner or coffee came by to watch them frolic in the snow. After a week we had all had our fill and headed off.

Best Part: Shuey's expression as he saw the ground pull away during takeoff (or the fire sale on all ski gear for the end of season so we would be ready for next year). Worst Part: Drunk lady afraid of flying who sat between us on our way home.

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