Hamptons, New York

Just like the squirrels in Central Park (see the New York posting), and lots of fellow New Yorkers alike, folks try to escape the summer heat by retreating to the Hamptons- a beachy area a short 2 and a half hours drive from Manhattan, on the east side of Long Island, NY. A few times a year, we try to take the Boyos to the Hamptons, to give all of us a change of scenery and to feast our hearts out. A typical trip to the Hamptons, like any trip begins with packing at home in New York. The Boyos do tend to get a little anxious when we whip out our suitcases (just in case we are going away without them) and Blessu will always climb into which ever bag is left open while you are packing.

Blessu climbing into the luggage.

The car trip to the Hamptons usually is a leisurely 2-3 hours drive (since we always try to travel during the middle of the week). The Friday afternoon rush out of the city can lead to drives up to 4 hours long. Those aren't so fun. Blessu usually loves spreading out on the back seat of the car while Shuey loves to co-pilot the journey and sit on Mark's lap from time to time. The holiday usually always starts with us taking the Boyos to a friendly seafood restaurant by the beach in Amagansett (just the next town over from where we usually stay in East Hampton). The restaurant is super dog friendly and the same very sweet waitress we see every year greets us and tells us how cute she thinks the Boyos are, as if meeting for the first time. I am sure she gets hundreds of doggie-guest every season. There, by the salty beach air, we feast on fish and chips, lobster rolls and all sorts of fried seafood goodness! Blessu loves getting bits of fish from time to time- Shuey on he other hand, is more of a meat and potatoes kind of pup.

Blessu and his Crab (like Romeo and Juliet)

Shuey being the "King of the World, Titanic style" again...

We love going to the beach in the Hamptons. Usually we drive out to a more secluded beach between Montauk and East Hampton. Like most of the beaches in the area during the busy summer season, dogs are not permitted onto the beaches within approximately 200 feet from the entrance to the beach. We tend to go after 6pm, when it is slightly cooler and the Boyos have more fun without crowds of beach goers everywhere. Every year, to our delight, Blessu finds something on the beach, with which, he is intrigued. Intrigue quickly escalades to obsession. One year it was as simple sticks (which we had to bring home) or another year-seaweed. This year, he found the seafood washed up on to the beach irresistible. He found a whole crab (recently deceased) washed up on to the shore and dragged that poor crab up and down the beach! This was particularly difficult since the crab was as large as his little head. As a result, Blessu had trouble keeping up with the rest of the family as we walked along the beach, so finally, he decided to put it down and follow us. A few steps into it however, he changed his mind and started to run full speed back to his crab! This continued for a long time, Blessu dragging the crab, deciding we were too far ahead, dropping it, running toward the rest of us, then deciding he preferred his crab instead.

The Boyos at Montauk Point.

Another thing we love to do in the Hamptons is to go kayaking with the boys in the relatively calmer waters of 3 Mile Harbor. Shuey loves to ride along in the kayak, just like he does whenever we are on a boat or similar vessel. He loves to go to the tip of the boat and stand there like a hood ornament, wagging his tail. Occasionally, when we hit dry land again, we would be mobbed by well meaning fellow travelers who want to take pictures of the boyos. Who can blame them? -The Boyos look extraordinarily cute in their little bight orange life jackets!

Worst Part: The long, crowded drive back to Manhattan where no one believed me in that Eritrea with an "E" was a country during our alphabet game. Best Part: Blessu and Shuey shaking with wild excitement every time we pointed out a deer to them (who would think Shihs had hunting instincts).

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