Miami, Florida

After a particularly cold and long New York winter, we decided that the Boyos and ourselves needed a bit of sun and sand. Because we decided to stay for over a week we opted for renting an apartment near South Beach. To our surprise and delight we found Miami to be very dog friendly. There were plenty of signs threatening fines if your dog was not on a leash, and of course signs prohibiting dogs on the beach but we just followed the lead of the locals and ignored these suggestion and fortunately never had an incident with the long arm of the law. The only incident we witnessed at the beach was a well-endowed woman sunbathing topless on the designated jet ski launch zone being told to move a few feet over. She started flipping out because she thought the lifeguard was simply sexually harassing her but no fine was issued though. Anyway we spent our time in Miami doing as the locals do.

Little Shih Tzus on Miami Beach.

We rented bikes, successfully this time, as Lucy had time to practice in the nearby park. We also frequently walked the boyos to the dog-run at Flamingo Park and met many French Bulldogs, which seemed like a popular breed in that area. We were also able to play a few rounds of tennis there with the boyos on the sidelines watching, though they had no inclination to retrieve the balls for us. We frequently hit the beach, Shuie’s favorite activity, and waded out to a sandbar with the boyos in their life vests playing “the water is lava.” We had dinner at many of restaurants on Miami Beach. They were all very welcoming and did not mind that we brought in our Boyos when it rained or if it was too sunny outside. Many evenings we would have to walk off dinner and check out the old art deco Hotels and houses.

Blessu says... "Mama it's passed my bedtime!"

(Per usual) Shuey is the "King of the World- Titanic style"

We later on rented a small speedboat for the day and cruised up and down the interior coastline passing by many beautiful houses and heading to the lagoon for some snorkeling. Alas we could not find a pair of snorkeling masks for the Boyos so they stayed in their little inflatable raft. Searching for more authentic Miami culture we headed to Little Havana to find a good lechonera, or sandwich shop, that would have the best Cubaniches, medianoches, and exotic tropical milkshakes. After asking around and passing a fresh crime scene, we arrived at a little restaurant that treated the boys and ourselves very well and we ate like there was no tomorrow, well actually we ordered enough food to take away for tomorrow. Miami was so dog friendly that the only thing we did without them was a trip to Flamingo Gardens, a not-for-profit wildlife sanctuary, which was a good thing because we cooed at the otters so much the boyos would have been way too jealous. Overall Miami was an excellent getaway, and in the future maybe we will be more ambitious and check out a shuttle launch, or the Everglades, or even Key West, but for this trip it was exactly what we needed; just a place to relax and enjoy life with our pups.

"I don't know if this lifeboat will cut it?"

Worst part: finding a flea on the boyos and having to bathe the "suspected flea-bags" with anti-flea soap before heading back to New York. Best part: being walking distance from the restaurants and not having to worry about driving after a few margaritas.

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