Multimedia Video and Photo Extras:

Sometimes it is just too hard to pick only a few pictures to share for a specific destination. The Boyos™ are always doing something cute or trying new things and we are constantly trying to capture everything on film.

This is a selection of videos and photo extras from our various trips. Something we have learned over time is, at the end of the day, it is more important to share in the moment with your loved ones than to capture everything on film. We strongly believe in this, which is why photos and videos are a little sporadic (depending on that particular day). We hope you will enjoy viewing these home videos as much as we do (again and again).

Blessu & Shuey are shedding their winter pounds in time for Spring! or maybe we just wanted to tire them out a bit more
so they will be completely pooped at home!

Watch our interview with the AdventurePups! @Silver Cheese Productions

Playing hooky! A beautiful snow day to play in Central Park!

Mushing home after sledding (Mark does the mushing)!

The things they put up with!

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