New York, New York

AdventurePups Headquarters is based in Manhattan, a place that we have a love-hate relationship with- although, to be fair, it’s by far, mostly love. We love the four distinct seasons that come and go every year, amplified by the changing colors of the flora in Central Park. We love the busy streets, bustling with folks walking at a brisk pace, as New Yorkers always walk as if they are late for an appointment. This sometimes is a problem for us, since Shih Tzus, with their arrogant gate, are not designed to walk very fast, and thus, sometimes they may get accidentally stepped on or kicked. Therefore as a result, we simply to choose to have our Boyos travel in their stroller when we are on the streets- don’t worry they get plenty of exercise once they are in the park.

As we reside in Manhattan, it's hard to describe this location as we have done the other destinations. Therefore, we will recount our top few favorite things to do with our AdventurePups in this amazing, lively city.

Spring: Spring is one of those perfect shoulder seasons that the Boyos really enjoy. The bitter cold has just left and the summer heat has yet to begin. This is the time when Blessu and Shuey can run around for miles (well maybe not miles), chasing real and pretend squirrels in Central Park without being over heated. This is one of the best times for squirrel sightings for some reason, since they all seem to disappear in the summer time (we tell the Boyos that they all go to the Hamptons for the summer).

Spring cruise around NYC with Lady Liberty.

Once a year a group organizes a "Doggy Cruise" around the waters of Manhattan. We love bringing our Boyos to this event since they get to cruise the waters of Manhattan by ferry as well as meet other pups on the boat. They also have raffles to support local animal charities and other pup orientated activities. We love showing the Boyos the Statue of Liberty as well as the many other famous landmarks. The Boyos have a great time on the water experiencing the new sites and sounds. It's usually a big day for them, and they return home pooped and basically nap for the rest of the day.

Summer: When the temperature isn't too hot we love to take the Boyos with us to one of the many restaurants in Manhattan that are dog friendly and have outside seating. We think it’s a real treat to have the Boyos join us for a meal outside of the home. The Boyos usually stay in their strollers once we are at the restaurants. For them, the stroller represents safety and comfort; so basically, they just go right to sleep while we are dinning. Afterwards we always reward the Boyos' good behavior with saved morsels from the meal (a highlight for them) and then they enjoy the walk back.

Sometimes, instead of going to a restaurant we would take the Boyos for a walk down one of the many street fairs that are held in our neighborhoods each summer. Blessu and Shuey really enjoy seeing all the new people and smelling the strange smells that fill the air as we pass each distinct food vendor from the standard funnel cakes and grilled corn salesmen to the more exotic stalls, such as the Caribbean lady we encountered that claimed to sell the best "ox tail stew" in NYC. We bought some, and Boyos included, all sampled the stew. We weren't sure if they were the best, since we've never had it before, but it tasted good enough.

Long summer days in NYC.

Beautiful autumn colors on display in Central Park.

Autumn: The Boyos love autumn in New York as much as we do. Again, usually it means that the oppressive summer heat has broken and they can walk again for long periods of time in their beloved Central Park without becoming too hot. Shuey in particular loves to run through the piles of fallen leaves that tend to accumulate on certain areas in the Park. We love seeing the wild looks in the Boyos eyes as they run back and forth through all the leaves. It's like a mini amusement park to them.

One of our favorite events that occur without fail is the annual Thanksgiving Day Parade. We are lucky enough to have a good view of the thirty or so giant floating balloons that are walked down the streets of Manhattan every year. We wake up early, and while still dressed in toasty PJs we make ourselves hot chocolate with mini marshmallows floating on top (the Boyos can't have this, so they usually get a special cookie instead). Then all of us watch the parade from the great vantage point that we have. Blessu in particular loves watching the different floats. He is very curious about everything, and may even from time to time bark at one of them. Since he rarely barks at anything we take it as a sign that he is having a good time!

Winter: One of the most comical incidents with the Boyos occurred shortly after New Years Day in Central Park. Every year, there are various reports on the local news about dogs being electrocuted while walking in the city due to the salt used in melting snow coverage on the streets eating through the old wiring and exposing the live wires etc. So, long story short, we were worried that the Boyos would be in danger and thus experimented with them wearing rubber "doggie sneakers." The Boyos actually didn't mind wearing the shoes at all and it keeps the heat from escaping from their pads on cold winter days. So we were walking the Boyos through the Park and they were having a great time trotting down the footpath. To our great amusement a tourist walks by and shouts at the top of his voice to the other members of his group "Yo Ma! 'Them dogs gots shoes on!" They had a laugh and we had a laugh and the Boyos, oblivious to all this, spotted a squirrel and started to wag their tails and pull us towards the trees.

You better watch out! Santa's going to know if you're naughty or nice!

The Holiday Season is a magical time in New York City. All the streets are lined with beautiful holiday lights and the shops are all decked out in their finest to attract shoppers into their stores. We love strolling the Boyos to Rockefeller Plaza and having them walk around there. They don't quite get close enough to make their mark on the beautiful giant Christmas tree that is displayed there every season, but there are plenty of other things to mark so the Boyos don't mind.

Best Part: Sledding with the Boyos after a good snowstorm in Central Park. Worst Part: Living in one of the most expensive cities in the world.

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