Paris, France

Paris, a city of fantasy that is all too real in the Summer. Although we always stress traveling in the shoulder season we unknowingly drove into Paris the night before Fete de la Musique. We thought that we would have a nice, quiet sightseeing stroll through the Parisian streets, but instead it was more like Bourbon Street during Mardi Gras. Normally, this would have been a real treat but, as we were not looking for a party but rather a tranquil tour of the city at night with our boyos, this was kind of a disaster. Lucy walked one block from the hotel and decided maybe it would not be such a good idea but I, having lived in Paris, felt confident that I would be able to navigate the masses and I urged us to press on to which Lucy only yielded under the condition that I would carry the boyos the whole time.

The Shih Tzu's triumphant journey to the Tour Eiffel. Bonjour!

We commandeered a taxi with great difficulty, as, in Paris one needs to queue up at a taxi stand, but we insisted on New York guerrilla style hailing due to the anarchy of the situation. It managed to take us from the 16th arrondissement to Notre Dame, the heart of the Latin Quarter and epicenter of the celebrations, before it was forced to stop due to the shear volume of revelers. We snapped a few shots and made our way back to the hotel on foot. 11.5 lb. pups can get really heavy after a while and from time to time we would duck into a café and have a bit of a rest and chat with the locals who were really impressed by our pups. We ran into a crepe stand and indulged in a cliché but very satisfying midnight snack. The gentleman was astonished that we bought a jambon et fromage crepe and gave it to the boyos, but hey, it was their vacation too! We finished them nearing our hotel, a beautiful boutique establishment that treated us and our boyos very well in spite of some last minute changes. The following morning Lucy was surprised with the largest most beautiful lilies she had ever seen in her life (I had arranged for them when I parked the car and passed an exquisite flower shop who were very accommodating and knew the hotel).

The magical Notre Dame Cathedral on the night of the Music Festival (Fete de la Musique).

The Boyos stopping traffic on the Champs Elysees.

We decided to stay on our side of the city and hit up Trocadero and the Tour Eiffel. The city was much emptier now as everyone was nursing their hangovers and so we let the boyos walk (most of the time). We had a great day of leisurely shopping, eating, and sightseeing. We ran into a bit of a tuffle when Blessu marked a potter plant outside a shop when the young lady shopkeeper came out and castigated us with “attention la peepee la” to which I could not help but chuckle. At the hotel we decided it was time for a bath as both boys were as gray and dusty as an 18th century chimney sweep and, well, we wanted to take advantage of the oversized bathtub for Shuie’s swimming lessons before taking on the Mediterranean. We hit up Montmartre and Sacre Coeur, where the boyos toured the basilica with no problem in their stroller however we took turns entering the Picasso museum, which was just fine for one to get off their feet for a while and take in this artful center of the city.

Swimming lesson in the oversized bath.

Worst part: Arriving during one of Paris’ hottest heat waves on record. Best part: Celebrating Lucy’s birthday French style, with complimentary upgrades!

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