Providence & Newport, RI

Providence, Rhode Island is a quick drive from New York, simply hop in your car and head due east above the Long Island Sound into New England country. The drive has multiple options, I suggest the scenic route along the coast, it may take longer but it will feel faster where as on the highway it will be faster (potentially) but feel longer. We decided to stop for lunch in Mystic, CT but there are many other quaint places to rest for a bite of fresh seafood and sea air. In Brown town, as locals call it due to Brown University being one of its oldest institutions, you get sleepy Ivy League college town but with a diverse pool of people with friendly and artful inclinations. This is a rarity in my experience with “ivory tower” towns people seem stuck up and pretentious especially the sophistry.

Water Fire festival (not Fire Water for you moon-shine drinkers).

A few times, when I was taking a course at Harvard, I witnessed a very awkward exchange between, what I can safely assume was, a psych student and a local bum who clearly wanted a buck and not an an analytical chat about his life-choices, while I was waiting outside a deli with the boyos. People in Providence seem much more down-to-earth. When we arrived at the Hotel Providence, we were delighted by their dog-friendly attitude and "dog perks" including a cocktail hour for guest and local dog owners alike, a great way to get the inside scoop about the best doggie places in the city. That evening was one of their “Water Fire” festival nights where at sunset they light up a series of floating pyres on the river. Aside from the remarkable aesthetics it was good fun with games, food, and entertainment including amplified "world" music to create a more ethereal atmosphere to make sure you are not at your regular street fair or night market.

One if by land, two if by sea...

Put your backs into it lads!

The following morning we had a nice brunch downtown then walked (hiked) up to college hill and took in the many views and sites of the city. After that we braved the rain some more and drove a quick distance further to Newport. Newport had a wonderful strip of wharfs with outdoor restaurants and the like. After popping into a shop for some homemade ice cream and fudge we continued on to Mansion Row. We do not really go in for the celebrity spotting or mansion gazing but I wanted to see the cliffs. It was a real delight to walk along the cliffs overlooking the ocean. We unleashed the boyos and off we went for a good few miles before it got too dark and we came across a pathway tunnel that was just too dark for Lucy so after I checked out the other side I quickly returned and we made our way back.

While these two were catching the breeze, the doggie in the background was helping his old man catch fish!

We thought we had out pick of restaurants to eat in at Newport but many, though having outside seating, did not invite dogs. Fortunately we did find one that was very inviting to our boyos and even had a drinking troth especially for them. We enjoyed fresh steamed mussels in white wine sauce and of course clam chowder. I sampled a local brew and Lucy a local wine. The following day was spent relaxing and reading in bed before driving home in a down poor. Despite the intermittent weather we got a true look of what southern New England has to offer.

Worst Part: Drawbridge traffic... Best Part: The hotel beds were so plush and comfy it was a massive effort to get Lucy up and out to hit the town.

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