Salzburg, Austria

When we first arrived in Salzburg we pulled up to a beautiful hotel for which we had booked a suite with which the Boyos can stay in, many hotels only designate their larger rooms for guests traveling with their best friends but as we booked this room for on a deal for a cheaper rate they somehow lost our reservation. Lucy stormed across the street (a bridge across the Salzach river actually) to the Hotel Bristol who, not only had space but also gave us a cheaper rate than what we booked at the other hotel and for a better room, ah the joys of traveling in the shoulder season! The hotel turned out to be a former palace and its immensity and elegance made us feel like we were in The Shining. By the time we settled down it was late night and did not want to head out so we took the opportunity to exercise the Boyos down the long red corridors by throwing Blessu’s favorite squeak toy up and down the hall playing monkey-in-the-middle.

The Boyos in the "Shinning" at the lavish Hotel Bristol, Salzburg, Austria.

For the most part Salzburg is a very subdued city in that it has its large monuments, yes but for the most part it is not flashy or overabundant. Essentially it is a very clean and tamed city with an air of sophistication. There is only one main touristy street in the city, mainly because it is narrow and full of souvenir shops but it was where the Mozart Museum was located and so we too added to the congestion. The museum was much more involving than I anticipated. It was half wax museum half fun house and we were the only ones there at that particular time, all of which creeped Lucy out so she and the boyos left while I continued down the reenactment of the Magic Flute’s trial by fire and water, which was pretty fun. We did some more exploring of the city and could really picture the royals and the musician coming through in the time of Mozart. Here and there we would even encounter large horse drawn carriages actually hauling cargo but looking healthy and robust unlike the gimmicky overwrought ones of those in Manhattan. The city consisted of large plazas but narrow curving streets through archways and random staircases much like as scene in the film Amadeus (I am aware it took place in Vienna and was actually filmed in Prague).

Shuey wondering if he can be a child genius like Mozart. Near the Mozart Museum, Salzburg, Austria.

The Boyos on guard duty in front of the Hohensalzburg Fortress, Salzburg, Austria.

We headed up the funicular to the Festung Hohensalzburg, a fortress/ castle that overlooks the city and from that vantage point you can really see the baroque towers, domes, and spires that give the city its unique look. While there we spotted a poster advertising a concert for selections of Mozart’s chamber music, which we attended later on that evening after dropping off the boyos at the hotel. It was a real treat to listen to Mozart while looking out onto the city at sunset just as the 250th anniversary of his birth was about to be ushered in. The following day we paid a visit to a local chocolatier, did some shopping, visited the Mirabell Castle, the palace of the archbishops/ princes, then we picked up some food and picnicked in Aicher Park just across from Mozart’s residence. During the picnic Lucy suddenly screamed as she noticed a tick on Blessu’s eyelid. I sent her off to the hotel to get information for a vet while I cleaned up. We took a cab to the address the concierge gave us, which was actually not far off at all. The vet was a very nice old lady who took care of everything as she could tell we were panicked as I never dealt with a tick before and Lucy had had a very bad experience previously.

30 seconds later . . .

She removed the tick easily enough, assured us that there is no Lyme disease in Austria then taught us how to properly apply Frontline protection. The cost was less than what we would spend in New York and we got great service and didn’t have to wait, though there were no other patients anyway, so we were very happy. We decided to walk back and were glad we did because we not only, saw parts of the city which usually went unnoticed but we also, ran into an antique shop which had some quality brass and wood items. We really enjoyed ourselves in Salzburg and hope to return again someday to see it during Christmas time.

Worst part: Freaking out poor Blessu. Best part: The very warm and friendly, "hund" loving people of Salzburg.

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