Toronto/Niagara, Canada

Canada is a beautiful, pristine, frontier country. We visited Toronto. Fortunately for us Toronto was a bit of a drive but an easy one from New York City if you break it up somewhere around Ithica, NY. Toronto has a very nice harbor and a few nice attractions and restaurants. As far as metropolises go it is not all that spectacular but the people are friendly and diverse.

Little Shuey by the Falls. Weee!

One of Toronto’s most alluring features is that it is the closest major city to Niagara Falls. We all had a blast at Niagara. We stayed at a major hotel chain right on the waterfront. It was a pet friendly hotel on condition that you book a suite, which was not a problem in low season. In return the hotel gave the Boyos many cute amenities such as a bed, bowl, treats, and other welcome gifts that we were not expecting, as usually large hotel chains give you the feeling that they grudgingly accept your dog in order to have you as a customer. We did many of the usual touristy things at the Falls, but no, we did not bring the boyos on the Maid of the Mist. We did walk them around plenty though. They were not much impressed with the waterfalls but they did make their mark along it.

Photo of Blessu by the Falls. "That's close enough, thanks!"

Family Photo by the Rainbow Bridge between Canada and the U.S.

At one point when we were returning from the observation museum a lady asked if she could take a picture of the boyos because she wanted to show it to her family back home but before we knew it, we were being swarmed by tourists who were mistaking us for an attraction and at one point, someone said “just grab him” in Spanish and reached for little Shuie. I took it as our queue to hasten back to the hotel. One noticeable drawback of Niagara was that it is no longer the Niagara Falls many of us know as the romantic honeymooners’ destination but rather, it is now some kind of warped carnival for the consequences of those original honeymoons. We went a bit further into the town to have dinner and it was like the origins of Las Vegas, cheap hotels, fast food restaurants, arcades, everything one would expect at an amusement park instead of a national park; even people dressed in Bugs Bunny costumes!

Family photo by the amazing, powerful Niagara Falls.

The most irritating thing was that since we rely on restaurants with outside seating we were constantly bombarded with haunted house music and soundtracks during dinner. No matter which restaurant you went to it seemed there was a haunted house across the street! All in all we had a great time and the boyos smelled places they had never smelled and ran in places they never expected.

Worst part: Got my first (and, so far, last) speeding ticket on the drive back to New York. Best part: The sheer glory, beauty, and experience of the Falls in Fall (Autumn).

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