Welcome to Adventurepups.com!  Like many folks we have a great passion for animals, especially dogs.  We also have a deep desire to travel and see the world- experience different cultures and set foot on special, historical places.  We were fortunate to have traveled to many different places as children with our respective families.   So when we met and our family expanded to include our 2 adorable Shihtzus (Blessu and Hapshu) we wanted to share our travels with them.  Initially we started to travel with our Adventurepups™ because we simply just missed them too much during our trips away.  However, after our first few trips with our pups we realized that they really loved to travel themselves.  Maybe it’s because they get to smell new territories, taste exotic flavors and experience unique sites; perhaps even to go boldly where no Shih Tzu have gone before!

So please feel free to browse The Adventurepups™ Travel Map below.  Zooming onto the different regions of the world and clicking on the unique destinations.  All of the destinations featured have been visited by our little Adventurepups™.  We really love sharing our lovable, intelligent and sometimes goofy Boyos™ with everyone.  Enjoy!

We love sharing our adventures with fellow animal and travel lovers alike.  Please feel free to comment throughout the site or contact us.  We love hearing from you!

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